18 September 2020 | Loma Linda University Health (LLUH) physicians saved 32-year-old Blanca Rodriguez, who was rushed to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital with severe upper respiratory issues and difficulty breathing while 28 weeks pregnant.

According to a LLUH news story, Rodriguez was initially treated for severe pneumonia-like symptoms when she was admitted on July 24. She then tested positive for COVID-19.

Fluid was gathering in the patient’s lungs, as she had also developed acute respiratory distress syndrome, a condition with a 50% mortality rate in pregnant women. Within three days, Rodriguez was hardly breathing and needed major oxygen assistance.

She was intubated and placed into a medically induced coma.

Just hours later, Blanca’s baby was also losing oxygen and a life-saving emergency C-section involving almost 25 people from several different departments was performed while Blanca lay comatose.

Jade was born July 27 without COVID-19 and was placed on a ventilator. Her mom was given anti-viral therapy, steroids, heavy oxygenation, convalescent plasma and antibiotics for days.

By August 2, Blanca’s breathing had improved and Jade was taken off the ventilator. Blanca was released from the hospital August 6 and, according to the September 9 LLUH news story, is looking forward to welcoming home baby Jade when doctors approve her release from hospital care.

“I know it’ll be a long time before I can take my baby home, but I can wait if this will keep her safe,” Blanca said, according to the story. “COVID-19 is not a joke, especially for pregnant moms and babies. It nearly killed me. I’m so thankful for the people at Loma Linda. I’m so thankful for my life and my daughter’s life.”

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