28 August 2018 | According to local police, Murray Ramnarine, a former principal at Shiloh Seventh-day Adventist Church School in Ocala, Florida, tried to “buy” a student to get her to kiss him.

ClickOrlando.com (run by WKMG News 6) reported that Ramnarine, 67, was working as an administrative assistant at the school when the alleged advance took place with a victim who is younger than 16. Another news source gives the age of the victim as 12 at the time of the incident.

Earlier this month, the girl who was still a student at Shiloh, told her mother that Ramnarine had been permitted to pick her up and that he frequently took her out to eat. The administrator allegedly asked if he could remove ice cream and other food from the student’s lips by kissing them on one of these occasions, forcing the victim to push him away to avoid his kiss.

Ramnarine is also reported to have asked the student if he could buy her so that he could kiss her and she is said to have replied that no amount of money would lead her to agree to that.

Ocala police said that Ramnarine repeatedly said he was going to marry the victim when she turned 18 and bought her a computer, phone and clothes, all of which were returned by the victim’s mother.

Ramnarine reportedly told the victim’s mother not to report the advances to the police, “because nothing will be done anyway.”

The police report says that after being reported by the victim’s mother, Ramnarine was placed on temporary leave by the school. Ramnarine said to law enforcement that he had resigned.

He also said he had not tried to see the girl and that, although he had frequently said he wanted to marry her, “it was only a joke.”

The former principal faces charges of lewd or lascivious conduct and sexual offenses against a student by an authority figure.

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