7 May 2021 | Over 550 children took part in an island-wide Adventurer’s Camporee in Puerto Rico from April 16-18. Children aged 4-9 participated from their homes or (a few hours per day) from socially-distanced tents on the grounds of some congregations.

The Adventurers studied the Bible, took part in various challenges and earned honors in the first-ever camporee held virtually in the region. The event featured virtual parades of each Adventurer club, music, stories and online trivia games among other interactive elements.

“It was important to remind this young generation, already boggled down in a routine in the midst of a lingering pandemic, that each one of them has a mission to share the gospel to those around them,” said Pastor David Sebastian, youth ministries director for the church in Puerto Rico and main organizer of the event, to Inter-American Division News. “We didn’t want them to miss out on the scheduled event set years ago, and having them take part from home is the best we could offer,” he said.

The camporee was themed on the life of John the Baptist. Each camper was reminded that they too had a mission for which God equips them.

“Kids were so excited and happy that they had a special event just for them and their family members,” said Sebastian to Inter-American Division News.

“I even saw videos of Adventurers pretending they were baptizing their siblings and their dogs, so they really got into it,” he added.

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