By Maylan Schurch, February 16, 2016: After the regular two-day One Project program ended, there was an evening event called “Advance” (dealing with how the health message can be better integrated into the outreach of the church). Today (Tuesday) is an all-day session called “Create.” The main One Project sessions of Sunday and Monday, which more than 1200 people attended, are designed to be more pastoral in nature, but the Create session (attended today by about 170 people) is where people can discuss the future of the church.

As I was waiting for the first Create session to start this morning, I looked out the window of the seminar room and discovered that the Seattle monorail track passed right by. Our discussion this morning largely focused on how we as a church can really get out into our communities and make a difference, and as I looked at the monorail train passing by, I found myself hoping that the church I pastor isn’t simply traveling along on its own little track, aloof from the rest of traffic, but is down there with real people.

More later.