We are delighted that the North Pacific Union Conference has helped us get the word out about the inaugural AT1 gathering which is taking place in Portland, Oregon, from October 4–6 this year.

Here is the AT1 announcement that the NPUC placed in the GleanerNow.

This week we have a very specific ask. Would you help us by asking your local conference communication department and your church office to place the AT1 announcement below in online or print newsletters and bulletins? The AT1_poster can be downloaded here. We thank you in advance for anything you can do!

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AT1 Bulletin Announcement:

You are warmly invited to AT1 (pronounced “At One”), a brand new camp meeting-style gathering for the Adventist community organized by the Adventist Today publication. Our theme is “Christ Challenges Culture.” AT1 will call everyone who attends to reimagine the Adventist narrative to fully embrace the reassuring, present truth of God’s love and grace. This is a fresh kind of fellowship where we are reminded that there is reconciliation and unity in Jesus. AT1 will take place over the weekend of October 4–6, 2019, in Portland, Oregon. Go to atoday.org/at1 to learn more and to register.

Click here to register for AT1