17 December 2019 | As one of the unions at the receiving end of a voted “warning” from the General Conference Executive Committee at the 2019 Annual Council, the North German Union Conference (NGUC) has responded with a written appeal against the action.

The statement is a strong response to “the leadership culture revealed by” the action. Quote:

  • It is our feeling that the GC officers exploited the ExCom for an unjust and unspiritual process in order to demonstrate might and power.
  • For the NGU officers, the GC officers have become an unpredictable counterpart. Trust is deeply shaken. According to our perception, in recent years, a more and more rigid behavior of the GC officers in dealing with people and entities who are not conforming to the views of the GC officers has become apparent.
  • According to our view, what is described here is alarming for the entire world church, causing great harm to it as a whole. The exemplary course of action against six unions begs the question of the culture of interaction and, beyond that, of the spiritual condition of our church. Both are significantly threatened, constituting a crucial test for the church.

The December 2 response makes clear that the NGUC will continue its practice of not ordaining pastors in the region, in favor of commission both female and male pastors.

It adds that the General Conference has not made a compelling case in support of its insistence that the denomination’s Working Policy mandates ordination.

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