Reported by Debbonnaire Kovacs, Feb. 4, 2015    No Trace of Earth is a contemporary Christian band from Lincoln, Nebraska. Their music is on YouTube as well as other online stores and radios (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon mp3, etc.). Here are links to their YouTube channel, iTunes store, and Facebook page.

Brad Carlson, lead singer and bass player, tells the story of their beginnings on their Facebook page (click About tab). Here is an excerpt (I highly recommend reading the whole, witty story):

It all started back in January of 2011. I (Brad) and Chris Jesse were frustrated with the music at our youth group. So we decided to take the problem into our own hands and create our own praise band. After checking with my little sister Marissa to see if she would play keys, I asked a friend of mine, James Dickerson, to play guitar. He said, “No.” After my self-esteem rebounded from the blow, I went back and asked again. He consented to play with us for one event, and we haven’t been able to get him to leave since then. We picked up Ashton to sing harmony…

In March of 2013, we recorded an EP of four originals with Phil Zach at The Grid Studio in Lincoln, Nebraska. We really enjoyed recording music that had been instrumental in our Christian journeys in the hope that it would help others to find healing and to see God in a new way. Today we do a combination of concerts and praise sets. A fair amount of what we do is local or regional events. We are excited to see where God leads us in the future and what we will be able to do serving Him.

Members listed on the Facebook page include today: Bradley Carlson – vocal, bass guitar, Loel Smith – drums, James Dickerson – guitar, vocal, Marissa Carlson – keyboard, vocal, and Karen Carlson – manager. Adventist Today asks God’s blessing on the ongoing work of these young people.