News reports from Hong Kong, Andrews University, Germany, Loma Linda University, Southern Adventist University and the Florida Conference.

Hong Kong was hit with the worst typhoon since 1946 on Sunday, September 16. “We lost lots of trees on the campus of our college and transportation to our Stubbs Road hospital was interrupted a few hours due to fallen trees,” reports Pastor Robert Folkenberg Jr., the president of the denomination’s Chinese Union Mission. “We are thankful to the Lord that none of our members were hurt and that our church properties and institutions were all spared major damage.”

Andrews University has completed accreditation for all three of its nursing programs. The BS in Nursing and the RN–BSN online completion program for Registered Nurses both received eight years of continued accreditation. The online Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program received four years of continued accreditation. The accreditation is from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), the body that governs nursing education in the United States.

The Adventist secondary school in Nuremberg, Germany, has opened a primary school this year. This new school joins elementary schools in Solingen, Murrhardt northeast of Stuttgart, Herbolzheim-Tutschfelden north of Freiburg , Isny-Allgäu, Rastatt, Heilbronn and Mannheim. The denomination also has a primary and secondary school in Oberhavel Oranienburg-Friedrichsthal and elementary through college boarding schools in Darmstadt and Friedensau University near Magdeburg. Around the world the Adventist denomination operates approximately 8,500 schools, colleges and universities with 108,500 teachers and nearly 2 million students, the largest Protestant school system on Earth.

The Summer Gateway program at Loma Linda University in California provided a two-week immersion experience for 70 minority high school students and 21 were selected to shadow medical professionals for another week. The program also provides training on how to take the SAT exam, apply for financial aid and improve study skills. In addition to academic and career guidance, the students participated in activities that promote physical activity, nutrition, spiritual care, and community service. The goal is to prepare high school students for careers in health care.

There is a new Ellen White reference that you might like to know about, especially if the 1,465-page Ellen G. White Encyclopedia is too large for your reading table or your wallet. The Ellen G. White Pocket Dictionary is a small, inexpensive paperback with concise definitions and historical notes on more than 500 words. It includes names of individuals and locations that she mentions in her writings, as well as terms that have become dated, providing an explanation of the meaning of the word at the time she used it. It was put together by two Adventist historians; Dr. Michael Campbell of Southwestern Adventist University and Dr. Jud Lakes of Southern Adventist University in the United States. You can get a copy from your Adventist Book Center or on Amazon.

The Florida Conference of the Adventist denomination has created a web comedy series about growing up Adventist. Ellen vs. The World is about an Adventist Christian teenager that lives the perfect life, surrounded by others who have a faith just like hers until she ends up being the new kid at high school and finds her faith challenged. The trailer for the series that launches in 2019, is available now.

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