News reports from Loma Linda University Health; South Africa’s Helderberg College; Glendale, California; Avondale University College and MusicVerse, a new Adventist music platform:

Loma Linda University Health (LLUH) announced on Facebook that yesterday (Wednesday, May 5) marked the first time since March 2020 Loma Linda University Medical Center was not treating any COVID-19 patients. “At the peak, our Medical Center was treating more than 200 patients with COVID-19 during the winter surge. Today, treating zero for the virus feels like a miracle,” said the LLUH Facebook update.

An online inauguration service celebrated the new leadership of Dr Tankiso L Letseli as the 15th president of Helderberg College of Higher Education in Cape Town, South Africa. The April 29 ceremony was streamed on Facebook. The Adventist institution has now operated for 128 years. Letseli is the 29th head of the institution.

In February, a Glendale, California-based Armenian congregation became the first officially recognized Adventist Armenian-speaking congregation in the Western Hemisphere. NAD news reported that the congregation started meeting at Hollywood Adventist Church in 1977 and later moved to Glendale City Church. The congregation has been led by Vigen Khachatryan since 2017.

From Avondale University College:

Two annual independent reports about graduate outcomes and the student experience show levels of satisfaction and rates of employment that rank us among the best higher education providers in the country.

Here’s a breakdown of the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching survey results:

We’re in the top 10 out of about 100 providers for overall satisfaction in undergraduate and postgraduate courses and for good teaching and generic skills in postgraduate courses.
Our undergraduate nursing degree ranks number one on every indicator of satisfaction.
Our undergraduate education and teaching degrees rank number one for overall satisfaction and good teaching.
Our undergraduate ministry and theology courses rank number one for overall employment.

“We’re proud of these results,” says our acting Quality Assurance Manager Dr Gwen Wilkinson. “They’re robust and provide a means for benchmarking with other providers and identifying strengths as well as any weaknesses. But they show something much more important—that we’re engaging our students in authentic learning and discovery. That’s good for everyone.”

An international team of Adventist entrepreneurs based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has launched MusicVerse, a music-sharing app marketed as “a digital platform for people to listen to sacred music and for godly musicians to sell and share their compositions.” MusicVerse (available on Apple’s App Store or Google Play) allows users to “find spiritually uplifting music and encourages Bible verse memorization through the singing of scripture songs.” MusicVerse focuses on the Adventist music market, seeking to connect Adventist musicians around the world with members that enjoy and support their work. MusicVerse founder David Ng says the app also allows for music lessons from Adventist music teachers. Proceeds from MusicVerse sales go to support Bible work. For more information or to download, click here.

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