Stories from Ghana, the Cayman Islands, Loma Linda Broadcasting Network, La Sierra University Center for Near Eastern Archaeology, Glendale (California) and Manila, Philippines

Valley View University, an Adventist institution, was described as “Ghana’s premier private university” in Business Ghana on Wednesday (March 9) when the newspaper announced the installation of Dr. Daniel K. Bediako as the university’s new vice chancellor. At 39 years of age he is the youngest administrator at any university in the country, reported Pulse news magazine. He is the first alumnus of VVU to be an administrator at Valley View. He earned a PhD and an MA in New Testament at the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies in the Philippines. “My personal vision is to make this university a leading center of excellence,” Bediako told journalists.

International Women’s Day was celebrated at Kings Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Cayman Islands on Sabbath (March 5) with the presence of the Caribbean nation’s prime minister, Hon. Alden McLaughlin, and two cabinet ministers: Tara Rivers, minister of education, and Osbourne Bodden, minister of community affairs. The Cayman Reporter said that McLaughlin recalled listening to his mother’s prayers as he was growing up “lauded the power of women and their prayers.” The theme of a series of planned events is “Step Up for Gender Equality.” Miriam Foster, director of the Cayman’s Family Resource Center was honored during the worship service with an award presented by Sophie Hamilton, a local elder in the church, and Carol Best-Gould, director of women’s ministries for the congregation.

Excavating the Bible is a weekly 30-minute television program on the Loma Linda Broadcasting Network that is working through the Bible, boo by book with a focus on discoveries in archaeology that provide historical, cultural and theological context for the Scriptures. It is hosted by two highly-respected archaeologists who are Adventists; Dr. Douglas Clark, director of the Center for Near Eastern Archaeology, and Dr. Lawrence Geraty, president emeritus, at La Sierra University. They directed digs together for four decades in the Madaba Plains Project in Jordan. They interview well-known archaeologists on the show and share actual artifacts the center’s extensive collection. These programs can be seen over the Internet at!home/mainPage and via the Loma Linda Broadcasting Network satellite channel.

The memorial service for Pastor Larry Caviness is tomorrow (Sabbath, March 12) at 4 pm at the Vallejo Drive Adventist Church in Glendale, California. The address of the church is 300 Vallejo Drive, Glendale. It is on the campus of the Glendale Adventist Hospital.

On Adventist Global Youth Day (Sabbath, March 19), Dr. Barry Black will be the preacher at the Glendale City Adventist Church in Glendale, California. Black is an Adventist minister who serves as chaplain of the United States Senate and a retired U.S. Navy admiral where he was chief of naval chaplains for a number of years.

On March 5, 1949, Manila Adventist Hospital reopened following World War II. A clinic had been operating in the facility since the war ended in the Philippines in 1945. The original, four-story facility was actually constructed in 1940 just before the war began.