2 February 2019 | Senate Chaplain and Adventist pastor Barry Black has been credited with bringing some civility to the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. In a New York Times article originally from the Associated Press, titled “Senate Chaplain’s Velvet Voice Cuts Through Impeachment Fray,” Black is clearly identified as Adventist and as a voice calling for respect during the proceedings.

“In spite of disagreements, may they strive for civility and respect,” Black was quoted as praying in the Senate last week. “May they respect the right of the opposing side to differ regarding convictions and conclusions. Give them the wisdom to distinguish between facts and opinions without lambasting the messengers.”

Black also prayed that “our senators not permit fatigue or cynicism to jeopardize friendships that have existed for years.”

The Senate Chaplain did not grant an interview for the piece.

The article noted Black’s 2009 warnings about cynicism among lawmakers. At the time he spoke of “times when the legislative process is laborious and predictable … and it appears that the parties go into polarized lockstep, where there’s almost an attitude, ‘don’t confuse me with the facts,’ that can many times engender a spirit of cynicism.”

Black prayed last Tuesday, asking for God to “grant that this impeachment trial will make our nation stronger, wiser and better.”

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