29 May 2020  |

The Trans-European Division (TED) has released a Bible study challenging an idea advanced by Dr. Walter Veith and others that sets the year of Jesus’ return to be 2027 or by that date.

This date recently became a popular conversation among Seventh-day Adventists through a video Veith participated in with Martin Smith. It is based on a theory known as the “cosmic week”—that each day of creation week represents a thousand years, that it has been 6,000 years since creation, and that we are now about to enter the seventh 1,000-year period, which is the heavenly millennium spoken of in Revelation 20.

The topic is addressed in a video recorded at home during the quarantine by Newbold emeritus professor Dr. Laurence Turner, entitled “Blessed Hope or Blessed Calculation?” Turner studied the topic in depth, and addresses four aspects of it:

  • Key Bible passages on signs of Jesus’ return
  • The validity of Veith’s hermeneutic
  • The cosmic week theory
  • Ellen White on date setting

Turner (BA, MDiv, ThM, PhD,) is the retired chair of Theological Studies and Principal Lecturer in Old Testament of Newbold College.

Says the TED news release:

Turner emphasises that, by the end of the presentation, viewers should have a clear understanding of whether we are looking at the blessed hope or a blessed calculation. [He says that] the best part of living our Adventist faith is that as we prepare for the second coming, our very lives become a witness for the gospel.


You can watch Turner’s presentation here.

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