From News Release, May 21, 2015:   A new program to train young adults in urban mission skills launches next month in Philadelphia. The REACH Columbia Union Conference Urban Evangelism School will provide a unique learning experience, a practical immersion in reaching the unreached in one of the largest cities in North America.

Like other evangelism schools it can be completed in about three months, students learn to do literature evangelism and it is in line with the urban mission goals of the denomination’s General Conference. Unlike all other Adventist evangelism schools, it is fully accredited and participants actually live and work in an urban community.

Students develop a working understanding of the cycle of transformational ministry through personal, public, and literature evangelism. They will learn valuable leadership and life skills as they connect meaningfully with their neighbors to bring about lasting change.

Dr. Tara VinCross, the program director, is excited to offer a diverse, hands-on experience to students in the areas of discipleship, community development, urban agriculture as well as various aspects of evangelism. The program is implemented in partnership with Adventist congregations in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

Participants can earn up to 12 academic credits through the program because of its partnership with Washington Adventist University. This fact alone makes it the only accredited Adventist evangelism school. Unlike others, it encourages young people to pursue both vibrant discipleship and academic excellence.

The first cohort will start next month. More information is available at: