By AT News Team, Dec. 30, 2014:   On Christmas day New Life Seventh-day Adventist Church in Chattanooga, TN, hosted its annual community meal. In addition to the free meal, the event included Christmas caroling. The “church is doing its part to spread the word of God, and provide a hot meal to the community,” reports the CBS television affiliate in the area.

June Kingry, who volunteered at this year’s event, understands the impact of the service. She first attended the meal four years ago when she was homeless in the neighborhood. “Members welcomed her in with open arms, gave her a Christmas dinner and helped her find strength and faith through prayer,” says the local NBC affiliate. Now Kingry supports the event and attempts to encourage others who are still in difficult circumstances.

“Sometimes all you need is someone to just hug you and just to know you are loved. Just to let people know that we care and that’s what we’re supposed to do as human beings, is care for each other,” says Gustinia Stewart, a member of the church, according to the NBC report.

Patricia Stoudemire, a member who estimated the attendance at more than 200 people, told CBS, “We have some people who have been down, cause I’ve been down myself before. And sometimes you need somebody to help lift you up. So, we want to be the light on this corner.”