24 December 2019 | An Adventist congregation in the town of Moberly, Missouri, gave away 150 bikes to its community this year for Christmas. Moberly Seventh-day Adventist Church partnered with the North American Division (NAD) of the denomination for the congregation’s first-ever giveaway of this kind.

“We just want to make Christmas extra-special,” said Moberly pastor, Jody Dickhaut. “This was just a random act of Christmas kindness. Just wanted to spread some cheer and give kindness for kindness’ sake.”

TV station 13KRCG reported that the original plan was for the church to distribute 150 tickets for 50 bikes via a raffle but the NAD partnership and other sponsors made the larger giveaway possible on Sunday, December 22.

“We’re really blessed to bring this kind of gift to the Moberly community,” said Dickhaut. “It’s just a real gift to us to be able to give that and pass it forward, pay it forward to others.”

Every family that attended the giveaway event received a bike.

“Can we meet every need? No. But can we make a difference to somebody? Yes,” Dickhaut said. “That’s what’s important. Making a difference to at least one, because one really does matter.”

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