4 October 2018 | A competition featuring military drills has been organized for Ghanaian youth by the Mid-West Ghana Conference of the Adventist denomination. The slogan for the event which was held last Sunday, was “Youth: Patriotism and Nationalism, Our Priority.” The theme was “Equipping the Youth to be Relevant in the Era of GbA (Ghana beyond Aid.)”

The event which also featured an art and craft competition, was designed to encourage morality, self-reliance and financial discipline.

Conference Youth Director, Pastor Lambert Owusu Boakye, told the Ghana News Agency that the event aimed to prepare Ghanaian youth to be productive citizens.

Military personnel based in the Sunyani district of the country came to supervise the competition.

In congratulatory remarks at the event, Staff Sergeant Akore Adjenim-Boateng, the drill instructor, remarked that some of the youth at the event “would surely become great soldiers for the country in future.”

Youth from the Sunyani North District won the competition.

Historically, Adventist youth have been involved in this kind of activity only in the context of the Medical Cadet Corps, a program of the denomination with the purpose of preparing young people to serve as noncombatant field medics rather than use weapons in battle. It is unclear from the sources if this was true in this case.

According to the Adventist denomination’s Office or Archives, Statistics and Research, there are 18,807 Adventists in the Mid-West Ghana Conference as well as 86 churches.

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