3 October 2019 | An award-winning chef who has previously earned two Michelin stars is opening a new restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona, called Blue Zone.

The restaurant will offer quick-serve, health-conscious food which Chef Alex Stratta told Arizona Republic would be “very Mediterranean.”

According to the Arizona Republic, the restaurant’s name is inspired by the “blue zones” that contain the world’s longest-living people. The “blue zone” term was coined by National Geographic journalist Dan Buettner, to identify these areas. One of the zones includes the Adventist population in Loma Linda, California.

The dishes will be gluten-free and while the menu is not completely vegetarian, Arizona Republic reported that most of the protein will be derived from seafood and plants.

Strata has 35 years of experience working in hotel, casino and high-end dining. He decided to launch Blue Zone based on his own eating style and what he felt is a trend in healthy, casual dining.

Blue Zone will open in February or March next year.

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