February 23, 2017:    Thousands of residents in the Denver Metro area recently received Ellen White’s The Great Controversy in the mail.

The volume, treating history and prophecy by Adventist co-founder Ellen White, was delivered by zip code mailing in a manner akin to a mass direct mail advertising campaign.

Dozens are reported to have turned to local NBC television affiliate KUSA with questions about who wrote the book and why it was sent.

The organization behind the mass mailing is Michigan-based Remnant Publications.

KUSA reported on February 14 that the book delivery project cost about $750,000 to print and deliver to Denver residents.

Dwight Hall, CEO and founder of Remnant Publications, explained that the Denver mailing and others like it had been financed by fans of The Great Controversy.

“It’s not to try and force any religion down anybody’s throat,” Hall said.

Explaining the book, Hall said, “It talks about prophecy and how things end according to the scriptures.”

Hall said that 10 million copies of the book had been delivered to homes in the last three and a half years. Half a million books were sent in the Denver mailing.

David Rupert, postal spokesperson for Colorado, told the station that the First Amendment allowed for freedom of speech and compared the book’s dissemination to legal zip code mailings used by businesses like dry cleaners.

Remnant Publications is a publisher of Christian books focusing on disseminating the writings of Ellen White and the copies of the Bible in different languages.

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