March 26, 2017:    A man in the town of Nixa, Missouri shot himself outside an Adventist Church on Saturday, March 25.

NBC affiliate television station KY3 reported that the man’s suicide came at the end of a multi-hour standoff in the Christian County town.

Police negotiators attempted to talk the man out of killing himself.

Law enforcement had first responded to calls at around 7 a.m. reporting a man with a gun. At the time, officers found nobody.

Officers from the sheriff’s office saw the man about two hours later. The man who has not been named walked toward Nixa Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Saturday services were in session as the man approached the church. He did not enter the building.

Although police said the congregants were not in danger, a Highway Patrol SWAT team evacuated the 20 people inside the church without incident.

The man shot himself after negotiations with police failed after several hours.

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