by Andy Hanson

by Andy Hanson
Submitted April 18, 2014
Lord, I’m confused.
Sometimes, when tragedy strikes,
I feel like a motherless child,
a long way from home.
But on Easter Sunday on Table Mountain,
surrounded by golden poppies and purple lupine
I feel right at home.
Sometimes, when I see starving children on TV,
I am grateful that this world is not my home
I’m just a passing through.
But when I hold Claudia in my arms
and she smiles and kisses my lips
Heaven can wait.
Sometimes when injustice rules
and the innocent suffer,
I’m a poor wayfaring stranger.
But when a friend honors me with a hug
and a student tells me I’ve made a difference,
Here is where I belong.
Sometimes when the mindless horror of tsunamis
and earthquakes and tornadoes make me crazy,
I wander in exile from home.
But even as I pray for deliverance
In the darkness of grief and despair,
I glimpse a star of wonder, star of night.
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