by Charis McRoy

by Charis McRoy
Submitted March 13, 2014

Note: This poem was sent in by Charis' mother, since Charis is only ten years old. She wrote this poem when she was nine, after the death of her grandfather one year ago this month. I believe it is very appropriate, during this season when we are commemorating the sorrow leading up to the death of our Lord, by whose resurrection we all can hope to see our loved ones again.

Life, Pain, Death
By Charis McRoy, age 9
March, 2013
When I look over the great Earth
What I see is life, pain and death
When death rises
Hope is hard to squeeze from our hearts
Life can sometimes be a big pain
It is also filled with joyous moments
Making it exciting and bustling
What I also see is hope, a great hope
Men may grieve and feel no hope
Although we may feel sad and blue
We must share the hope that we’ll see
Our father, grandfather, brother, uncle
Friend and close relative again
When tears still glisten in our eyes
Let us crack a little smile
Let our hope be accompanied with joy
Bubbling in the midst of sorrow
Like steam rising from a kettle
Let our hope and joy be contagious
Not stuffed in a deep pit
We will be happier
We will have courage
Let us hope in the resurrection