Thank you so much for sharing and exposing the hacking that has been undertaken by “someone/some body” on Dr Stefanovic’s lessons for next quarter (Jan-Mar 2019). I am a Sabbath School teacher, and bulletin editor. You can be sure that I will be including the original text which he prepared, both in my lesson presentation and as bulletin snippets to encourage lesson study.

If the amendments had been made in regard to those “who worship on Sunday,” I doubt that Dr Stefanovic would have felt any offense at all, but to single out Roman Catholicism when we know full well that Pentecostal adherents now number some 68 million adherents…and this loose alliance has become the 4th-largest international Christian group in the world.

And, on attempting to force compliance over conscience on conferences who have chosen to have every member involved in working for Jesus – perhaps it’s time that the Annual Council attendees took one deep and soul-yearning look at Gospel Workers, p 483: “The Lord desires….the world will know that these are His disciples.” So very relevant to now, when God again pleads for us to all be in the fields together, working side by side. Some are gifted to pluck out the weeds, some to gather in armloads of ripe grain, some to glean like Ruth in the unharvested corners of the field, some to tend a single plant, some to feed and water the workers, others to be like a trellis to support and uphold in prayer.

Lucifer’s sole aim is to aim at souls of any religious persuasion or none at all. Let’s not single out one denomination over another. Time will be when we will be on the receiving end of Satan’s thrusts.

Heather Hagen, Brisbane, Australia

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