January 12, 2017:     Dr. Fritz Guy will speak twice on Sabbath, January 14, in New York City. His presentations are scheduled at the Historic Manhattan Seventh-day Adventist Church, 232 West 11th Street, a block and a half west of Seventh Avenue in the Greenwich Village neighborhood. At noon, during the 11:30 am worship service, he will speak on “Envisioning an Adventist Future.” At 3 pm he will speak again on “Reading the Bible as it Actually Is.”

Guy is considered by many to be “the leading Adventist systematic theologian of his generation.” He has served as a pastor, a faculty member at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, an editor of the denomination’s youth magazine, and a university president and faculty member at La Sierra University in southern California. He is retired as University Professor of Theology and Philosophy at LSU. His most recent book is entitled Thinking Theologically: Adventist Christianity and the Interpretation of Faith (Andrews University Press). He earned a PhD at the University of Chicago in 1971.

Adventist Today has published articles by Guy in the past. These speaking appointments are in collaboration with the Adventist Forum of New York City.