by Debbonnaire Kovacs

Quiltography by Summer Stevens
submitted May 22, 2014

Summer Stevens, who does Portrait Quiltography, (she will turn a portrait or landscape of the client's choice into a quilted wall-hanging) wanted to do a face of Christ, but didn't want him to look like he was in mourning. She did a search for a laughing Jesus and found this clip art:

She then flipped it and transformed it into this 27"x33" quilted wall-hanging. She added four symbols for Christ in the corners. There are usually embellishments on her quilts, such as real strings on a guitar, or real buttons on clothing. In this case, the embellishments, not visible in this photo, include burlap for the brown robe, wood-grain for the cross, directional, shiny, textured cloth on the dove, and curly-patterned cloth on the lamb. The face and other details are hand-embroidered.

Full disclosure: Summer is Debbonnaire's sister, and Debbonnaire took the photo. The quilt has not yet been pressed and blocked. You can see more of her work at