By Carole Derry-Bretsch, posted Sept. 10, 2015

Editor’s Note: This is not precisely an Arts notice, but we do include videos, and these are particularly well done. Most of all, the issue is an extremely important one and we hope and pray all of you will support it by watching the video short.

I had the privilege of speaking with Kim Carter and her staff yesterday. The Time for Change Foundation, which works with women who have been or are homeless or imprisoned, often with drug, alcohol, and other issues, is incredibly effective. Therefore, it is in the top 25 of the CNN Heroes for this year. But I would really like to see her reach the top 10, and have the opportunity to reach the top spot.

Every program that reaches the top 10 spot wins $25.000 for their organization.

The winner will be awarded $100,000 for their cause.

She cannot do that without all of our help. What we all can do is very simple.

All you have to do is:

Go to Kim’s Link –

Then, click on the CNN link, and watch the short video.

Everyone who watches the video will let CNN know that a person is interested in this project, and those numbers are what raises an organization in the rankings.

I cannot tell you how much I believe in this program. After talking to her, I can see what an incredible woman she is, and how much God is the center of her life.

I would love to ask you all to take a couple of minutes, and go to her webpage, and then the CNN web page.

Could I ask for another favor please? Would you be willing to share this with your friends, and on your Facebook pages? Together, we can all make a difference. Let’s see how quickly we can help Kim get to the top 10.

I would love for Kim to get to the CNN Hero of the year spot. This recognition would be so amazing for her program.

Thank you, and God bless the work of the Time for Change Foundation!