By AT News Team, March 2, 2015:   At a meeting on Sabbath (Feb. 28) in Florida convened by the Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) it was announced that the brother of the executive director of the organization’s affiliate in Russia has been “assassinated,” sources have told Adventist Today. 3ABN is an independent ministry based in rural southern Illinois.

Julia Outkina is the executive director of 3ABN Russia based in Nishny Novgorod, according to the organization’s Web site. Her brother played a key role in the establishment of the television ministry as the first Christian television network in the country, according to comments at the Florida meeting by Danny Shelton, founder of 3ABN, and Pastor Jim Gilley, the current chief executive officer.

3ABN Russia broadcasts three hours a week on the SETI NN television station in Nishny Novgorod. SETI NN is one of 200 local television stations across the country in the REN-TV organization, according to Wikipedia.

3ABN Russia broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the Internet. There are 36 staff members that produce more than 50 programs, as well as operating a Bible correspondence school and producing music albums.

“This may very well be the end of 3ABN in Russia,” Shelton was quoted by sources at the meeting. He is reported to have told the gathering that a powerful political group has been attempting to “take 3ABN Russia for their own use.” It is unclear precisely what that statement means, but sources present at the clear impression that this was the motivation for the killing.