15 December 2019  |

Loren Seibold’s piece in the Fall 2019 Adventist Today magazine, titled “It’s Too Late for Jesus to Come Soon,” is right on target. And it is an example of why I became a supporter of AT years ago. I drifted away from active engagement some time back for a variety of reasons, but I’m so glad I continue to receive my subscription.

I’ve long believed that the Adventist eschatological “soon” concept strained credulity. It’s a well-intentioned but clearly inaccurate attempt to reconcile biblical interpretations with an inconvenient reality. And it makes us look like tragic fact-deniers at best, or worse, deluded cultists.

Seibold’s call for a more credible, relevant approach is healthy and, in my opinion, healing. I hope it will spur more conversations across our denomination.

Blessings from a backslidden AT Lifetime Advisor.

Dave Person

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