I’ve been an Adventist for twenty three years. As a late arrival, in my fifties, I brought other fields of study and attainment with me. When I was young, I realized the oneness of life, through the study of all religions, including Rosecrutionism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Rastafarianism and Scientology. All lead to God in their essence, whether we use a human name or  don’t even try.  Every human is a part of one great, timeless life. Jesus taught love not exclusion. His message is to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.
I does not matter what religion we are, or our name for God. What matters is that we love and respect everyone. We cannot say “I love you, but the religion that formed your culture and made you as you are, is all wrong and has to go.” That is the ultimate invalidation. I would rather be come known as the loving, accepting Seventh-day Adventists, rather than the closed-minded people most of us are. Our love will attract more members than a glib speaker who can prove that our way is the only way, with clever use of Bible quotes.
I have a dear friend, Rohan, who is a Sikh. It’s wonderful, peaceful religion. I thought it would be interesting for my church family to meet him and learn how close we are philosophically. (That idea was not welcomed, and my emails are not answered.) Is it such a stretch of the imagination that our unlimited God has more than one way of communicating truth? Knowing Rohan’s religion has made the words of Jesus more understandable for me. We are to love and live in peace with all people. That truth permeates all the great religions.
I attend a church of young families, who are all friends with each other. They are the future of our church and  are far more liberal than we are. Things are going to change. We can get with it or not, but the minds of the young cannot be stopped. There is a future. We can make it loving if we wish.
David Hubbard

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