by Loren Seibold  |  26 October 2021  |

For some time Adventist Today has been developing a core of interested readers in Latin America. We’re pleased to announce that we’re expanding with a greater number of Spanish and (eventually) Portuguese language offerings.

We’ll be starting out with monthly (first Sabbath of the month) Adventist Today Sabbath Seminar – Latin America, the first one planned for November 6.

We have assembled a small advisory team.

Daniel A. Mora has done more than anyone else to alert us to the need for a more gospel-oriented Adventism among young people in Latin America. He grew up in Venezuela, where he took theological training. He now lives in Panama. Daniel is an extraordinary scholar for such a young man, and we’re excited to have him as the lead teacher for our ATSS Latin America. Daniel has a number of pieces on our website already, in both Spanish and English.

Our team also includes:

  • Edison Garcia-Creitoff is an attorney and mediator in Puerto Rico. He’s taught ethics and communication in universities in Puerto Rico, as well as working as a social worker, and lay chaplain. You’ll find several of his pieces at Adventist Today.
  • Edjenn Santos is a business analyst for VMware. He grew up in Peru as the son of missionaries. He currently lives in Costa Rica.

For the time being, our announcement page will be on Facebook: Adventist Today – Latin America. We hope to make increasingly more pieces available, both human translations and Google translations, in Spanish and Portuguese.

Thanks for your prayers and support in this new initiative!

Loren Seibold is the Executive Editor of Adventist Today.

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