18 June 2021 | A prominent leader in Adventist Australia joined an interdenominational delegation of female leaders who met with Australian political leaders to generate attention for the struggles of those in poverty around the world, particularly in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Danijela Schubert, Discipleship Ministries Team member (women in ministry) at the South Pacific Division, and her fellow campaigners were supporting what’s called the Micah Australia initiative.

According to Adventist Record, the Christian women’s leaders spoke to politicians about the “vaccine access gap” between richer and poorer countries and its ripple effects that lead to increased poverty, famine and marginalization.

“Although from different Christian denominations, organisations and states of Australia, we were in one spirit to bring to those who make decisions and influence government policies an important message,” said Schubert to Adventist Record.

“We were there to thank them for their good work and to bring to their attention the needs of the poor. That we were there in person, taking time to visit with them, connect, and as one speak for the needs of others, was great testimony about the love of Jesus that compels us to do good,” added Schubert.

“With worldwide deaths reaching over 10,000 per day, this pandemic is far from over, with the worst now hitting low and middle-income countries in South America and Asia, and fears rising at the possibility of a more contagious third-wave in the African continent,” said Rev Dr Melinda Cousins, director of Ministries for the Baptist Churches of South Australia as quoted by Adventist Record.

“At the same time, a vaccine access gap has rapidly opened up between richer and poorer nations, which is not only morally indefensible but an inequity that is perpetuating the pandemic.

“As leaders, our collective voice can make a difference. And while our world is facing tremendous challenge, we are here today to display hopeful action—encouraging our politicians that Australia can continue to be a part of that solution at this devastating time,” said Cousins.

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