9 December 2018 | Two separate inquests have been launched into the deaths of a young Adventist and his wife in Leicester, England. Jesus and Lorraine Sanchez were found dead in their home on November 27. Leicester Live reported that a family friend broke into their home to check on them after growing concerned that he had not heard from them. The inquests which began on December 5 in Leicester Town Hall, found that Lorraine, 27, was found face down in bed with her provisional cause of death being compression of the neck.

Jesus, 31, was found hanging on an upstairs landing. His provisional cause of death was hanging. Both inquests have been suspended until May 10, 2019, in order to allow police to continue investigations into the deaths of husband and wife. A statement on the Facebook page of St. Matthews Seventh-day Adventist Church said that the congregation was “deeply saddened by the loss of one of our members, Jesus (Robert) Matos Sanchez and his wife Lorraine Matos Sanchez (nee Mbulawa.)” The statement went on to say that the deaths had “caused much shock and grief to all of us who knew them. We as a church will continue to provide support and prayers for all those affected at this time. We continue to put the respective families before God during their time of grief, who alone can bring peace and healing.”

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