by Lawrencia Addo Darko

By Lawrencia Addo Darko,
college student in Maryland
submitted July 23, 2014
I share this poem (mostly about me) in the hope that it may bring meaning into someone else’s life. It took grace and God's unfailing love for me to understand what Christ has done for me. I gave up on everything including my faith. I blasphemed because I wanted God to strike me dead. I dreaded each morning because it welcomed a new day which meant there will be new set of problems in addition to the unsolved existing ones. I couldn’t see that Jesus had given Himself as a ransom for my burdens (my sins). In 2011 I decided to begin a new life in Christ. I attempt to express some of my gratitude to God in this poem, written humbly from God’s point of view.

I was there all along
when the pain lasted so long.
When you thought I didn’t care;
that hurt I couldn’t bear.
When your mornings brought no hope,
you forgot that I could help you cope.
While you chose death as your path,
at Pilate’s feet I smiled at death.
O, that afternoon I saw you cry
but you thought I never cared why.
You had a family comforting their own.
But I was pushed through the crowd all alone.
I measured the pains from the whip.
My robe of salvation around you to keep.
When I saw your tea served with sugar,
I was glad to drink my gall and vinegar.
I wore thorns as crown
so your burdens you may lay down.
And the blows on my head,
gave you a crown instead.
I was nailed to the cross,
While you moved like a boss,
Thinking now your life had become something
while I hanged on the cross as nothing.
Could there be anything I said wrong
when I asked you to come along
with me to live a better
life which will be forever?