By S M Chen, posted June 23, 2016 by D Kovacs

Father’s Day 2016

The older I get,

The better you seem.

You may have died,

But not your dream

For all of us –

Your offspring.

So on this day

Your praise I sing.

For compared with

Some of the rest,

I was fortunate;

You were the best.


On this, your day,

I think of you

And miss you quite;

That much is true.

For even though

You’ve been long gone,

Our memories

Live on and on.


Though you could not

Give many ‘things,’

You gave me roots;

You gave me wings

To be the man

I hoped to be.

To start my own

Family tree.


I can’t but give thanks

That I came from you…

With grace we’ll embrace

In the earth made new.