20 September 2021 | Hope Channel New Zealand’s show Go Healthy For Good is going where most Adventist programming fears to tread. The show’s presenter, Dr. Nerida McKibben, summed up what was different about the new season of the show by saying it handled sexual health.

“Listen, I am a doctor who specializes in women’s health, and the one thing I know is that Christians, just like everyone else, have [their] share of questions and issues with sex. Sex is part of a healthy life, but that means ensuring we deal with STIs, contraception, sexual problems, and, of course, working towards an active sex life that is satisfying to both people in a relationship. God created sex, so yes, Christians more than anyone should talk about sex openly and constructively, advocating for God’s ideal and providing practical advice that deals with the realities we are faced with. If you wonder how we will do that, you will have to tune in,” said McKibben to the Adventist Record.

Although previous seasons of the show were shot in the United States, this season was shot in New Zealand and Australia.

The new season of Go Healthy For Good started airing on Hope Channel New Zealand on September 9 and will play every Tuesday at 7:30 pm in the country. The program is also available on the channel’s website and Facebook page after it has aired.

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