23 December 2019 | A nurse who worked at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital has been sentenced to eight months’ prison time after sexually assaulting a female patient at the hospital in May of this year. Yee Pak Kwong was sentenced on December 17 at the West Kowloon Magistrates’ Court.

According to expat site Coconuts Hong Kong, referencing a news story in Chinese language publication Ming Pao, the 34-year-old male assaulted the patient, who was semi-conscious after being given medication to treat symptoms of the flu.

The patient said that she awoke at 3 am on May 12 to find that her bra and top had been pulled upwards and Yee Pak Kwong was holding her breasts with both hands. She then drifted out of consciousness and awoke to him licking one breast. In both instances, the defendant was unable to resist due to her medication.

The defendant notified staff about the incidents at 7 am, at which point police were called. Yee’s DNA was found on the defendant’s breast, and CCTV revealed that he had entered her ward six times.

Yee pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault. His attorney claimed that Yee had been in a mildly depressed state at the time because his wife had used up the couple’s savings and was having an affair.

It was confirmed that the drug administered to the victim does not cause hallucinations.

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