21 June 2018 | Members of parliament in Malawi have attended a two-day health expo organized by the Adventist Church in the country. The event which encouraged healthy lifestyle habits for the country’s lawmakers, was held at parliament building in the capital city, Lilongwe.

According to the Nyasa Times, Dr. Greg Saunders, the General Surgeon at Malawi’s Adventist Health Center, shared a message with the politicians titled “Your well-being our concern” in which he discussed lifestyle-related diseases.

“This is an opportunity for them to make changes and make modifications to their lifestyle in terms of what they eat, how they exercise, how they sleep and different aspects of their health life,” said Saunders.

“We have also been talking to some of the MPs and some have been coming through to have a diagnosis of their blood pressure, sugar levels, obesity, temperature and weight,” added Saunders.

Peter Kumpalume, the MP for the country’s Blantyre West district said that the expo was informative regarding matters of personal health:

“Our health depends on a number of aspects which include doing exercises, eating good food, being at peace and others. So a health score is important because it tells you the kind of areas you need to improve on,” said Kumpalume.

According to the Adventist denomination’s Office of Archives, Statistics and Research, Malawi has 530,767 Adventists and 1,434 churches.

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