Poem by S M Chen, posted May 1, 2017


The good health that was visited on you

When you were young, and maybe from your birth,

Has made your life the richer, and your worth

Is measured by the things you love to do.


It seems that few of any age can keep

Up the daunting pace for yourself you’ve set.

Your energy exceeds that most have met

And so they watch, they marvel and they weep.

                                                                    (From Pexels.com; free use.)

Whether it be on the slopes or maybe

Links, or ballroom floor, or choir of church,

You seem to find fulfillment in your search

For what it is that makes up destiny.

                                                                    (From Pexels.com; free use.)

So, at this time, this very special time

When milestone passes, that won’t come again,

May of all things you have the best, and when

The day comes (and it will) you’re past your prime


Memories of a better time will keep

A Giaconda smile upon your face.

While your mind may be in another place,

May smile remain as you drift into sleep.




S M Chen lives and writes in California.