by Corienne M. Hay, submitted Dec 22, 2014 (written years before)

This is another of my mother’s songs, and I wish you could hear it sung instead of reading it, but the blessing remains, I hope. DLK

  1. Creator of the universe, omnipotent was He,

Sustaining by His might all His word brought forth to be;

But He wouldn’t use His power to make slaves of you and me,

He made us free.

And we chose to use our freedom to sin and go astray,

So He chose to give up power to lie helpless in the hay.

Hallelujah, noel! Hallelujah, noel, noel!

  1. Throughout all His vast universe, omnipresent was He,

And He could have kept His “everywhere” throughout eternity.

But He coudn’t share that Presence with the likes of you and me,

He’s purity.

So He chose to give it up just to come and save us all,

And He gathered His vast Presence in a Baby in a stall.

Hallelujah, noel!  Hallelujah, noel, noel!

  1. The fountain of all wisdom, omniscient was He,

But He wanted to keep from us, knowledge of all misery.

Yet stubbornly we chose to know

sin and sorrow, death and woe.

So Omniscience now must learn,

snow is cold and fire can burn,

Only birds can fly, pet lambs can die,

And little boys fall down and hurt themselves and cry…

Still, He chose to know the pain, just to win us back again,

Hallelujah, noel!  Hallelujah, noel, but why?

Ten billion angels all cry why?  And so do I.

4.Yes, our God is all powerful, all wise and everywhere;

Creator and Sustainer and a Judge who’s always fair;

None of which would help us sinners if He didn’t really care,

We’d be nowhere.

But because His other “Alls” are encompassed in All-love

He wants all of His beloved to be with Him up above.

Hallelujah, noel!  Hallelujah, noel, noel!

Precious Baby, Lord of all, please be the Lord of me,

For at last my heart can see–it’s love!

The “why” is love!  Hallelujah, noel!  Noel, hallelujah, noel.