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  1. Sam Geli
    13 November 2015 @ 12:42 pm

    Some of the Pew Survey Data on Adventists is so sobering that some are questioning the credibility of the entire survey. This despite the fact that Pew has a long and solid reputation for its research, which in this case was done by a group of highly respected experts. We may not like the results, but we can’t ignore the clear trends they show about shifting ideas, beliefs, and changes in USA expression of Adventism. I hope Brother Neal Wilson and every church leader studies this report carefully.

    Alan Cooperman, associate director of research at Pew, explained recently “how respondents self-identify, religiously, in surveys seldom, if ever, lines up exactly with what their religious leaders or others might wish or expect.” He and other experts in the field note that people can differ on how they hear or interpret survey questions, and there is a certain degree of what researchers call “noise,” or randomness, in such studies.

    Surveys can tell us only so much, and that people’s views and identities do not fit into neat, preconceived categories. Adventist young people, especially, see themselves as having many identities, not just one or two. So numbers do not tell the whole story. The Pew survey can help us understand ourselves.

    • James Hoffer
      13 November 2015 @ 4:32 pm

      Neal Wilson? I’m sure you meant Ted. But good observation, Sam.

  2. Roger Metzger
    14 November 2015 @ 10:13 am

    It seems likely that many Adventists, if asked, “Do you believe in hell?” would understand the quesiton as, “Do you believe in the ‘traditional’ concept of hell as a place ‘under the earth’ where sinners are roasted in perpetuity?”

    It wasn’t until recently that I found a really concise way of explaining my belief regarding hell–“an event rather than a place”.

  3. E Ekimi
    14 November 2015 @ 12:58 pm

    To be clearer, Adventists do not believe in a hell of perpetual roasting, nor do they believe hell to be under the earth. The following is taken from the Adventist Biblical Research on Hell:

    The Second Death: The unrighteous suffer “hell” for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. However, the RESULTS ARE ETERNAL. Rev 20:9 Fire devoured them. Rev 20:14-15 This is the second death. The unquenchable fire (Matt 3:12) cannot be extinguished until its work is done and everything is burned up (Matt 13:40-42; Jer 17:27–Jerusalem does not burn any longer). Satan is not the Lord of hell, but will also be destroyed (Matt 25:41; Rev 20:10)

    Scripture tells us the saints will walk on the new earth with the ashes of the wicked under the soles of their feet. This doesn’t speak to an underground hell, nor does it speak to a perpetual burning/roasting. As you may recall, fire comes from out of heaven and devours/destroys the wicked who remain on the earth. The only thing perpetual or forever about hell is that the wicked will forever be forgotten and out of the presence of God and His grace.

    There is nothing more of a priority for God than to end the controversy between good and evil. To continue with an everlasting hell would be counter-productive and a continual reminder –not to mention it shows God as merciless.

    The earth will be cleansed and the wicked will be no more. Thanks be to God.

  4. Roger Metzger
    14 November 2015 @ 5:49 pm

    E. Ekimi,

    Yes, you answer is clearer. Unfortunately, most of the people who ask me about my beliefs don’t have that long an attention span. The short answer can be used as an introduction to my belief on the subject (and yours). You answer is a good as any and better than most.

  5. Charles D.
    14 November 2015 @ 7:13 pm

    See the CNN Video here!on my channel:

    May the Lord prepare us, & guide Ben Carson in his Faith-walk!.. (We are going to have some very turbulent times in the near future.. Let us share the 3 angels messages brothers & sisters!)

  6. jimbob
    19 November 2015 @ 5:28 am

    I filled out my Adventist Today SurveyMonkey…DID U?

    The GC, local conferences and churches need to initiate their own SurveyMonkeys!

    What do THE PEOPLE think & believe??

    One can only speculate without a very large survey sample size.

    The tough job will be to figure out what relevant questions to ask.

    There are close to 60,000 seconds in one single day as far as waking hours. What do SDA do with that time as far as thinking/doing??
    What % ever look at their SS lesson?
    Who has ever read the bible through once?
    Do U feel comfortable inviting anyone to your church?
    Are the sermons helping you spiritually?
    Do U care about the W.O. flap/discord?
    Do you usually go to Sabbath school?
    Do you ever talk in Sabbath school?

    How do U feel being called a Laodicean every chance the pastor feels like it in his sermon?