by Rob, Lori Futcher

by Rob Futcher
submitted July 16, 2014

We were leaving an after-hours event at the zoo the other night when this glorious scene caused us to pull over in the parking lot and start shooting pictures. “It almost looks as if Christ is coming!” Mom shouted.
At this, our daughter got excited. “Oh, I hope so!” she exclaimed. “Sometimes I think there are things I want to do before Jesus comes back, but if he came back now I’d be very, very happy!”
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Rob Futcher, of Futcher Fotos, specializes in nature and school photography in Tennessee and Georgia
[Note from AT, for inquiring minds:
I asked if they’d done anything special to this incredibly beautiful photo, and here is their response:

“Nothing particularly special–just standard editing on vibrance and clarity and such. It was just an extraordinarily beautiful scene.”