From News Release, March 9, 2016:    A traveling seminar organized by Adventists will provide opportunities to track dinosaurs, study living sand dunes made up of sand eroded from fossil sand dunes, investigate a lava flow perched on a ridge of sandstone in the middle of a canyon, check out petrified trees and investigate evidence of ancient environments. There will be ample opportunity for discussion and sharing. The field trip will include seven days of intense engagement with the rocks surrounding St. George, Utah. It will include visits to sites in Zion National Park, Buckskin Gulch and Valley of Fire. There will be field work by day and conversation around the campfire by night.

The trip will include a small group led by a professional geologist whose specialty is the Navajo Sandstone. It is scheduled for Sunday, May 8, through Sunday, May 15, 2016.

The professional geologist will be Dr. Gerald Bryant, director of the Colorado Plateau Field Institute at Dixie State University. The tour is hosted by Pastor John McLarty, senior pastor at the Green Lake Adventist Church in Seattle and a contributing editor for Adventist Today.

The cost is $600 which includes the professional fee, two meals per day, camping and entrance fees and ground transportation. For more information or to make a reservation to be part of this event, contact McLarty by phone at (253) 350-1211 or by Email at: