Acrylic, painted by Debbonnaire (then Montgomery) Kovacs, ca 1975

Donkeys have been companions to humans throughout the history of the human race. Balaam was scolded by one (so have many people been, myself included!), Mary rode on one (traditionally, anyway), water has been pumped, grain has been threshed, land has been plowed, and children have been cared for and trained by faithful donkeys. One legend has it that the cross almost all donkeys have on their backs appeared there in honor of the fact that a donkey carried the infant Jesus to safety in Egypt. I found this painting recently and remember that I was thinking of that donkey in a Bethlehem stable when I painted it. May all God’s children be as faithful, as patient, and as unwilling to abide nonsense as are the lowly donkeys God made!

Fuzzy Donkey