Dr. Jon Thomas is a mental wellness expert who has worked as a college chaplain, youth pastor, university professor, and counselor. He holds undergraduate degrees in theology and psychology, with a masters and doctorate in pastoral counseling.  His doctoral research emphasis has helped create a better understanding of clergy burnout.

Dr Thomas is a state certified clinical supervisor who divides his time between running a mental health and substance abuse clinic that serves over 500 individuals and also his thriving private practice.

He has been helping people cope with the devastating effects of burnout for 19 years and is dedicated to helping medical professionals and others create a resilient lifestyle.

His digital e-book “Taking Care of Our Healthcare Frontliners” can be found at this link.

Chris Daley is a seasoned marketing consultant. He founded Digital2grow, LLC, a digital marketing agency focused on reputation, social media, and paid traffic.

He is well versed in the critical currency of intellectual property as he is a practicing patent examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in the technology of computer architecture. He currently serves on the executive board of Adventist Today.


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