5 October 2020 | A September 28 letter from the Florida Conference to current and former employees revealed that sensitive information including their names, social security numbers and financial information had been stolen from the conference network.

The conference identified a “cybersecurity incident” August 26 and, according to the letter, learned on August 31, of “information about current and former employees” that was “taken from our network in the course of the incident.”

No explanations were given for why the letter was being sent over a month after the initial incident.

“We assure you that we take this incident very seriously,” said the message from the executive secretary of the conference, Tim Goff.

The letter advised recipients to vigilantly review account statements and credit reports for unauthorized activity.

In addition, the conference offered those receiving the letter a complimentary one-year membership in Experian IdentityWorks Credit 3B, an anti-identity theft product.

The letter expressed “sincere regret” over what happened.

Recipients were assured the conference had reset passwords and put in place added controls for system access, as well as “additional safeguards,” to prevent a similar incident in the future.

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