18 August 2021 | Yesterday, Adventist-owned Leoni Meadows Camp in Grizzly Flats, Northern California, was evacuated as the Caldor Fire, which started August 14 near Lake Tahoe, neared the camp.

“Everyone is out safely. We will post updates as available. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers,” posted the Leoni Meadows Facebook account early Tuesday morning before dawn.

Pictures and video posted by the camp show the night sky lit up by the fire.

The facility appears to have survived the fires mostly intact.

“We got back in yesterday for a few minutes, started a generator and were able to take a few photos,” says a Leoni Meadows Facebook update posted earlier today along with several pictures of camp facilities in good shape and at least one house having suffered apparent fire damage.

In other Adventist fire-related news, Riverview Community Seventh-day Adventist Church in Greeneville, Tennessee, burned down completely on Tuesday.

Local TV station WJHL reported that no foul play is suspected and that the fire appears to have started in the church attic.

The station reports that firefighters were able to retrieve several Bibles from the church.

Image: Leoni Meadows Camp – Facebook

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