29 January 2020 | Kenya’s Nation news site reported that a fire destroyed a dormitory building belonging to Tonga Omonuri Adventist Primary School in the country’s Nyamira South Sub-County on Wednesday night.

According to Nation, the sub-county education quality assurance and standards officer, Seje Sylvance, said the fire broke out at the boys’ dormitory around 8pm.

Nobody was hurt as all students were in class for a study session.

“Smoke was seen emanating from the boys’ corrugated iron-sheet dormitory and all the pupils’ properties, including books, beds, uniforms and personal effects were destroyed,” said Sylvance.

The fire was put out by members of the public, as firefighters did not arrive on the scene until two hours after the fire had started.

Law enforcement has yet to announce a cause for the fire, and criminal activity has not been ruled out.

Students that lived in the 150-bed dorm will, for now, be living in a classroom instead.

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