5 February 2020 | Adventist HealthCare, a network of Adventist hospitals based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, has signed a deal with the financially struggling Howard University Hospital to take over management of the facility.

The three-year deal is widely perceived as a step toward acquisition by the Adventist system. It represents the network’s first alliance with an academic institution.

Howard University Hospital has historically been influential in training African American physicians and preparing undergraduate students for medical school, in addition to serving some of the most economically vulnerable patients in the Washington, DC, metro area.

The hospital patient population is 88% composed of Medicare and Medicaid patients.

According to the Washington Post, the hospital has faced accusations of lax standards and has paid out at least $27 million in malpractice payments as a result of lawsuits between 2007 and 2017.

The management deal takes effect February 17.

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