December 28, 2016:     In a cost-cutting measure soon before the Christmas holidays, Feather River Hospital in Paradise, California, laid off 16 employees.

Local TV channel ActionNewsNow reported on December 14 that the approximately 1,100-employee Adventist Health hospital claimed to have tried to provide severance packages and unemployment benefits for those that lost their jobs.

An alleged friend of a laid-off former employees said registered nurses and employees that had worked at the hospital for over 15 years were among those let go.

Maureen Wisener, Feather River Hospital’s Vice President for Marketing and Communications, said, “This is a really difficult decision for any organization, and particularly for our small community organization. It is not an easy decision. A lot of careful thought and diligent effort went into what is the right thing to help make sure that healthcare is on the ridge for this community.”

When questioned about the holiday timing of the layoffs, Wisener said that there is never a good time.