17 June 2021 | ADRA Europe and the Children, Youth and Family Ministries departments of the Adventist denomination in Europe have jointly launched an art contest in support of refugees titled ‘COMPASSION for ALL.’

Children and youth (as well as family members) have been asked to submit art that shares an inclusive message calling for everyone to be treated with “practical kindness, justice, compassion and love – to live as God intended.”

The global Adventist Church has designated as Refugees Sabbath the Saturday closest to the United Nations International Refugee Day observed each year on June 20. This year Refugees Sabbath is June 19.

The results of the ‘COMPASSION for ALL” art contests will be announced on the special Sabbath.

An award ceremony for winners of the contest will be presented on Saturday, 19 June, at 15:30 (BST) or 16:30 (CEST) on the ADRA Europe Facebook page.

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