By S M Chen, posted 11-17-2016 by D Kovacs


But the matter of dreams was not over.

Pharaoh himself had a couple this time, two years later.  Troubled, he consulted with the magicians and wise men of his court.  They could not help him.  That did nothing to improve his mood.

The chief butler, overhearing, then remembered Joseph, and, remorseful, mentioned his dream-interpreting prowess to Pharaoh.

Joseph was summoned.  He informed Pharaoh that dream interpreting came not from him; it was of the Almighty, who, having provided the dreams, could also provide their proper interpretation.

Pharaoh recited his dreams, of the cattle, fat and lean, and the ears of corn, plump and withered, and how the lean cattle and thin corn devoured the others.  Joseph correctly interpreted the two dreams as one; they meant the same thing.

Whereupon he was promoted to second in command to Pharaoh, and supervised the storage of food during the seven years of plenty against the subsequent seven years of famine.

He was 30 years old.  It had been 13 years since we sold him.

To be continued…

Sam Chen biopicS M Chen lives and writes in California.